Kaley Victoria Rose 

created by

 nVMe Productions

This project took over 6 years to make with the help of many people.

We had 100% creative freedom in how we wanted to express the Kaley concept.  

nVMe's Kaley project consists of the following...

  • Kaley Victoria Rose Album(HQ 96/24, Instrumental/Acapella versions, session multitracks)
  • The Kaley Diary Art book(artworks and writings from Kaley)
  • The Kaley Short Film(Starring Kaley Victoria Rose)
  • Asylum Reverb Library(used for all the Kaley acoustic spaces)

These are the elements that complete our Kaley story of the girl and the asylum.

You will find many rabbit holes that take the Kaley story...

 The more you listen, the more you will find. 

We had to invent many pieces of audio equipment and recording concepts to pull of some of the things we did.

For the full experience listen to her as one piece...

she is a soundtrack

Beyond Our Years 

A Washington DC based creative collective dedicated to original visual and audio collaborations carefully crafted under one roof.

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Kaley Victoria Rose (KVR) is an album created by nVMe productions then visually interpreted and released by Beyond.


Album Credits